Introducing Karina - little body, big heart, artistic, free spirited, charming, flirtatious and determined.

She has worked at places such as Telecom and Gen-i, mainly doing Event Management. Flagged the corporate life, to work in hospo running events for Dockside, Jet Bar, Tokyo Teahouse and Lagerfield in Wellington. Has since moved to the small smoke of Martinborough where she creates websites and promotes Martinborough and is a full time mum to her two girls Lola and Poppy.

A website can be the first impression of a business brand - make an impact by planning out the user experience, optimise website interaction and add finishing touches with best-in-class design.


"Some of my work"

"It's looking incredible! So stylish x"
Trish Higginson

"A massive thank-you to Hailwood Design for a first class website! Top quality all the way!"
Darren Tautari

"Website looks amazing just like the art!"
Joella Farrell

"Wow, blown away by your art, the website has displayed it well. Amazing!"
Georgina Chalmers

"The website is amazing and captures you and your work perfectly."
Leigh Topping
"Unreal Shelley, very impressive indeed."
Soula Zandi
"Superb realisation of Jane's work, Karina - so pleased she found you. I love how you bring the work front and centre and get the quality of each piece without losing site continuity. Most impressive."
Thomas Humphries

"Kick-arse Poster & Brochure Designs"

Contact Karina below via email - or call her on 021966539

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